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30 Oct 2016
Angela Valles
In 2015, Valles was placed on paid leave by her employer during an investigation into allegations that she created a hostile environment and engaged in “other unethical behavior.”
Unethical Behavior with the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority

Valles San Bernardino
As described in the Victor Valley Daily Press in February of 2015, these eight employees came forward and claimed that the VVWRA’s “top brass engaged in bullying, intimidation and other unethical behavior…” The Daily Press reported that the employees described a hostile work environment that was “predominantly perpetuated” by Valles, then-Director of Administration at the VVWRA.
The Daily Press noted that “some of the more alarming allegations are specific to Valles,” such as those made by former VVWRA Public Information Officer Kate Beyer, who alleged that Valles “politically campaigned on company time and resources, often missed work and falsified time sheets.” A VVWRA Supervisor, who resigned after right years with the agency, “claimed that Valles released confidential personnel and medical information to unauthorized persons…”
Valles was also alleged to have engaged in “retaliatory tactics and deliberately built a paper trail against employees to justify later firing them.”
Unethical Behavior with the City of Victorville
“All you care about is destroying this city…”
– Former Victorville Mayor and Current Councilman Ryan McEachron

As a member of the Victorville City Council, Angela Valles continually utilized her role as a member of the City Council to grandstand and divide the city. In July 2012, as reported by the Victory Valley Daily Press, Valles was part of what was labeled a “ugly verbal feud” in the “ongoing saga of distrust” between herself and the Victorville City Council and City Management. Then-Victorville Mayor, Ryan McEachron, stated that all Valles cared about was “destroying this city,” and apologized for supporting Valles candidacy, calling it his “biggest mistake for the city…”
“Private Angela asks me for advice, then public Angela calls
me incompetent. Private Angela passes me silly notes while speakers are talking, thankfully she didn’t do it tonight, only to have public Angela put on a show asking us a series of tough questions later in the meeting, many of which I already answered for private Angela earlier in the day.”
– Victorville City Manager Doug Robertson

In February 2011, Victorville Assistant City Manager Doug Robertson labeled Valles “a liar” who was motivated by “political agendas.” Robertson also said he no longer wanted to meet with Valles “unless specifically directed to do so by the city manager.” Robertson’s remarks to Valles came after Valles apparently disparaged city staff in a local news story and “mischaracterized a conversation” he had with Valles and the City Manager.
“She is a liar and she is abusing her authority as a council person to inflame the public..”
– Victorville Assistant City Manager Keith Metzler


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